Erba Luna Ristorante a Montone sala interna in pietra

Erba Luna Restaurant

“This is the story of Claudio, who in 1993 moved from the capital in a small medieval town located in the province of Perugia.

In the main square of the city opened the Grass Moon Restaurant, which after a few years was in turn transferred to the stables of the Castle of Fortinbras, once completed the restoration work.

Our restaurant in Montone presents the structural characteristics of the original, but its interior is characterized by soft lighting, soft colors and all the amenities necessary for you to spend relaxing and pleasant moments with the people you love.”

The interior of this restaurant are treated in detail, in addition, we have an outdoor space where you can admire the gentle Umbrian landscape, punctuated by a series of hills, while you savor your favorite dishes. The menu varies according to season, a sign that only here can enjoy dishes prepared with fresh and selected ingredients. Claudio, still today, prepares the bread and pasta, which are homemade. Imagination and tradition are the basis of all our dish, which is always served with an eye to aesthetics. In fact, we like to take care, in addition to the flavor, even the appearance of the dish, because it is enjoyable to have his sight.